About us

Buvias guides you to the opportunity you’re looking for!

Doing business in two different worlds, the Chinese and the Western, isn’t always easy. Both have their own culture and way of trading. Buvias is here for you, providing help to do business in China.

Besides understanding both markets, Buvias is also combining experience and knowledge, build up in the last 20 years. This makes our company successfully at both markets and it gives an additional dimension to this challenge.

Our aim is to support Western companies to develop their products into the Chinese market. In addition, Buvias also support Chinese companies in a way of connecting them to the Western market to develop their position.

To get the maximum result, Buvias will work in a long-term relationship. Buvias is determinate to support you with our team and international network, using our experience and knowledge.

In summary, Buvias represent both cultures and we are supporting the business in both directions. If you are interested, have a look on our website for more information.